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About Us

Officers and Directors

The Greater Jacksonville Association is a broad-based community membership association, founded to represent the interests of residents and community associations in the Greater Jacksonville and surrounding areas. The mission of GJA is to maintain and improve the community in which we live. GJA acts as a conduit to deliver useful information to its members on issues and concerns about the community as well as to solicit input on a variety of topics of interest. GJA is committed to working with the community, local elected representatives, state and county officials, local businesses and developers to preserve the way of life we value so much. By following a master plan for the area, GJA acts as a watchdog group in representing the community.

President – David Palmer

Past President – Dave Perrott

Secretary – Elizabeth H. Lehmann

Director – Laura Kogelschatz

Director – Wilmer J. E. Sauerbrey

Vice President – Mitch Daly

Treasurer – Marc Peters

Director – Edward Tillman

Director – Helen Petrich

Director – William C. Ensor

GJA Board